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Experienced Software Engineer & Architect, Specialist of PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript

Experienced software engineer specializing in web application & backend development using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, & JavaScript with over 10 years of experience.

Engineer Friendly Workplaces

I want to contribute to a project that takes advantage of the latest standards, best practices, and innovative design patterns. I'm looking for a group that can match my commitment to technical innovation, quality, and delivery. I bring a lot of energy to a workplace, pursue many priorities at once, and aim for perfection. I want a position where I can continuously improve methods and systems in all dimensions, do what's best for the product, not what's easiest, and work with expectations and design for real-life use cases of what the customer needs.

I am currently located in Chicago, Illinois.


PHP, 11+ years
Ability to create object-oriented classes based on various design patterns and best-use practices, tempered with experience to know when not to follow The Book. All development work is done locally with error and notice output turned on. Previously favored the Zend Framework 1.12 with a custom base application shell to get moving faster.
MySQL, 10+ years
Extensive knowledge of database creation, optimization, and advanced queries.
JavaScript, 10+ years
Ability to handle simple or advanced scripts for dynamic interfaces. Solid understanding of internal workings of the language and common best practices.
(X)HTML/CSS, 12+ years
Ability to create standards-compliant pages using basic designs. Experience using the Twitter Bootstrap design framework.
Linux, 10+ years
Use as both a desktop and server system. Advanced use of shell and scripts to automated tasks. Familiarity with Apache and other server packages.
Additional Technologies
Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Bash, jQuery, JSON, XML


Dependency Injection
Exploring the What, Why, and How of using a Dependency Injection design for everyone, not just frameworks or inversion of control containers.
Presented at the Seattle PHP User Group Meetup in June 2014.


Options Away, March 2015 to June 2015
Technology Highlights - PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.6, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, Git, Linux
  • Worked with Customer Service Representatives to build an administration interface based on their needs for handling issues when they occur, making relevant information easily accessible, and providing simple interfaces. Developed using an Angular frontend and PHP REST-based API backend.
  • Worked with Business to determine data & interface requirements and team members to implement changes in new & existing systems with a upgrade path for refactoring legacy systems.
  • Mentored Junior developers in best practices, design patterns, and system architecture.
  • Implemented uniform and transparent development environment using Vagrant to quicken the setup process for new developers.
  • Streamlined release process, including database changes, to a single command for any environment.
Disney Technology Solutions and Services, August 2013 to January 2014
Worked with project manager and fellow developers to determine customer requirements and increase quality of existing software. Implemented interfaces based on customer prototype designs and feature requirements.
Technology Highlights - PHP 5.4, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, RequireJS, JSON
  • Modernized localization string lookup service.
  • Created content management and environment elevation flows using Git branching.
  • Moved to create modular OOP JavaScript using RequireJS.
  • Wrote development and service engineer productivity tools.
  • Streamlined page templating and localization processes.
IPC, August 2007 to Present, project contracting
Freelance project based contracting. Projects vary from script debugging, to feature implementation, to stand-alone application development. Workflow consists of specification review or definition, quote, development, client review, and publication.
Technology Highlights - PHP 4 & 5, MySQL 4 & 5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSV, SOAP, REST, HTML, CSS, SVN, Git,
  • Contract work on a project-by-project basis.
  • Worked with contractor and clients to determine deliverables and time & cost estimates.
  • Developed stand-alone functionality with minimal overhead to be dropped into existing websites.
  • Projects included:
    Inventory Management & Distribution Interface Product Inventory, External Sync, ACL, Stored Locations
    Photo Gallery Gallery Management, Thumbnail Creation, Multi-Picture Zip Download
    Tuition Calculator WYSIWYG Formula Editor
    Volunteer/Donation Event Organizer Event Creation, Time Overlap Validation, Assigned Event Administrators
    PDF Layout Generator Layout Definition, Element & User Input Placement
    Feed Moderation Interface Feed Parsing, Visual Accept/Deny Processing, User Helper, Feed Output
    Survey Interface Question & Answer Admin, File Attachments, Result Aggregation
    FedEx Shipping Label API Form Input, SOAP API, PDF Return
    Product Search Database CSV Import, Full-Text Search, Keyword Override
Gay City Health Project, June 2013
Worked with the project stakeholders to determine software requirements and best way of implementing without reinventing the wheel. Creating a public-facing portal to select available free slots in a Google Calendar backend. The source for the Gay City Reservations project can be found on Github.
Technology Highlights - PHP 5.3, Git, Google Calendar API
Accretive Technology Group, January 2013 to May 2013
Worked with stakeholders to determine requirements, team members to ensure quality of delivered work, and researched and designed new systems.
Technology Highlights - PHP 5.3, MySQL 5, Git
  • Identified and help fix security issues
  • Researched and implemented performance improvements
  • Researched and fixed edge-case and difficult to identify issues
  • Analyzed code base for translation readiness and cataloged potential issues
  • Proposed new methods for handling user application, processing, and review.
Lexis Nexus, October 2010 to October 2011
Provided guidance and expertise to redevelop an internal application and brief existing developers on PHP capabilities. Worked with team, managers, and supporting groups to establish PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript standards. Acted as technical lead and project designer. Interviewed potential employees using position-objective criteria and provided feedback to management.
Technology Highlights - PHP 5, MySQL 5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Zend Framework 1, JSON, SOAP, REST
  • Implement ground-up project design and code structure using Zend Framework
  • Create dynamic form layout to data structure interface
  • Create Cron Jobs, Web Service API interfaces, and developer tools
  • Advise architects and developers on PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript best practices
  • Create standards for PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript for group and architects
  • Helped create job expectations and interview materials
  • Interviewed potential employees via phone and in-person, providing position-relative feedback to management.
SellingSource/FiTech, March 2007 to February 2010
Worked as part of a team to maintain and update an agent interface to manage loans, including automated processes handling verification, funding, billing, and collections. Helped visualize the decision engine flow, reduce code duplication, and streamline report creation and updates. Worked with fellow developers to divide workloads and with client to assess bugs and features.
Technology Highlights - PHP 5, MySQL 5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS, XML, JSON, CSV, GraphViz, SVN, Linux, Apache
  • Developed in PHP 5 using Object Oriented designs, focusing on Dependency Injection supported patterns for testability.
  • Created and managed cronjobs for back-end processing of automated tasks, including remote file retrieval and processing (CSV, XML, etc), account processing, and customer email alerts.
  • Created new functionality with dynamic interfaces using ExtJS 1.1, including AJAX-like calls with JSON for data, on top of existing interfaces.
  • Created developer tools to speed up debugging and development, including log aggregation, graphs using GraphViz for decision engine logic.
  • Regularly managed multiple backlog tasks as well as taking point for new priority issues and defects.
  • Worked with Project Managers in creating specifications for new tasks and reviewing existing specifications and implementations.
  • Worked with other developers to estimate level of effort and scope involved for new issues.
  • Worked with other developers to review code and test modified functionality.
  • Kept track of on-going issues across developers to quickly assess incoming defects and report on expected delivery to client.
  • Used Subversion to manage multiple on-going tasks and merge issues between development, QA, RC, and production branches.
  • Pushed code to multiple Linux-based servers in a load-balanced environment.
  • Worked with DBAs to assess, optimize, and update multiple instances of MySQL databases.
Gallery, Google Summer of Code Student, Summer 2006
Worked with developers of an open-source Gallery management project to implement an action notification system as part of a Google-sponsored student mentoring program.
Technology Highlights - PHP 4, MySQL 4, HTML, SVN, Linux, Apache
Imperial Kingdoms, January 2005 to July 2007
Space exploration, expansion, exploitation, and exterminate game based on a retired game called Xenocide3001. Contained logic for handling resources, research, production, combat, and numerous other aspects. Used a themable front-end. The original game was written in Java and no code access was available during development.
The code has been released and can be found on GitHub.
Technology Highlights - PHP 4 & 5, MySQL 4 & 5, Smarty, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVN, Linux, Apache
  • Clone of an abandoned web-based game called Xenocide 3001.
  • Reverse-engineered without access to the original source.
  • Created in PHP 4 using basic class functionality for MVC type organization.
  • Used the Smarty template system to separate display and back-end logic. Allowed for multiple styles to be easily switched.
  • Simulated real-time action by calculating all changes since last action.
PDI Comic, July 2003 to November 2005
Created an interface to display comics by date and allow author to upload new comics and news using a simple interface.
Technology Highlights - PHP 4, MySQL 4, HTML, CSS, Smarty, Linux, Apache
  • Develop and maintain a web-comic management system for the writer and artist.
  • Used a multi-user administrative interface for comic and news management.


An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
Mini-projects: Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock, Guess the number, Stopwatch: The Game, Pong, Memory, Blackjack, Spaceship, RiceRocks (Asteroids)
Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction. Source code available on request.